Friday 6 June 2014

A goal in the gaol

How many African children slot the ball between the posts below, score that winning goal and go to sleep dreaming of going to Brazil this month for the world cup ?

By entering the gate on the left, free trips to eastern destinations were available to anyone interested ( or not ).

This is Fort Jesus in Mombassa which witnessed the full horrors of the slave trade from the 16th century onward ( Interestingly this fact is missing from the Wikipedia page.).  A hub for the east African slave and ivory trade, this place was the collection and distribution point for humans.  On some accounts, the east African trade was much larger than the Atlantic trade we all know about.

Marching through the gate below, it was straight into the dungeons to await for collection.  The slaves were then moved through a system of tunnels and caves ( to keep things private ) on to waiting ships

A lovely monument, but a really sad history that is hard to shake.

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